Supper With Stub 1-7: Pot Roast and Cornbread

In this week’s episode, Stub stirs up a perfect Manhattan cocktail before preparing a cut-with-a-fork tender pot roast and delicious homemade cornbread. And there’s the wine and beer pairing, of course!

Come on in and sit a spell for “Supper With Stub!” Cheers!

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  1. Brian McMorris
    November 18, 2018 at 1:15 am


    Looks delicious. But I gotta tell you, you are missing out by not adding red wine and additional beef broth to the crock pot. Susan adds both to cover all the potatoes and carrots (Susan leaves out the onions). Then you have the makings of a perfect gravy you can completely soak the roast and potatoes with. It makes a gravy with a bit of purple from the red wine (when we have an extra bit of meritage left, it is even better and more purple). I tell you, the gravy is everything you want it to be, since Susan seasons it with basil, with lots left over for breakfast gravy.

    Love the videos, I gotta show them to Susan and Meghan (they both love the Great British Bake-off), and I think your vids are excellent for teaching how to make real dinners for the family and guests.

    Also love the high and tight. Rock on.

    Best wishes and Semper Fi,

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