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May The 4th Be With You!

So today is Star Wars Day.  Clever, huh? Now I’m as big a fan of the franchise as any other guy (or girl) who grew up with the original film trilogy.  I haven’t read (or tried to write) any fan-fic or anything, but I still like the films.  I prefer the first three episodes (IV, V, and VI) to the… Read more →

Twenty-Wine Days of February: Day 23, A Grape, A Pork Chop, and A Piece of Bubble Gum Walk Into a Bar…

We’re on the home stretch of the Twenty-Wine Days of February.  I am relieved—since I don’t have to go all-out to find a wine, pair it with a meal, cook the meal, and write it up on the same day—but am also a bit disappointed—since this has been a pretty fun little experiment.  It’s not over yet, though: one week… Read more →

This Wine Is SO Last Century!

The Rib and I bought this bottle back in February on the recommendation of one of the helpful lads at our favorite local wine shop.  We originally intended to open this bottle while celebrating our anniversary on Valentine’s Day (I’ll pause a second or two for the “awes” from the ladies and sensitive men).  For whatever reason, we didn’t end… Read more →