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May The 4th Be With You!

So today is Star Wars Day.  Clever, huh? Now I’m as big a fan of the franchise as any other guy (or girl) who grew up with the original film trilogy.  I haven’t read (or tried to write) any fan-fic or anything, but I still like the films.  I prefer the first three episodes (IV, V, and VI) to the… Read more →

Twenty-Wine Days of February: Day 20, Drinking Presidential-Style!

Happy President’s Day!  Today’s the day we celebrate all past Presidents instead of celebrating George Washington and Abraham Lincoln separately—because Richard Nixon didn’t want to be forgotten once he left office.  There was probably little chance of that, anyway, right?  There are also some pretty good sales, particularly on mattresses. (Note: The above comment on the origin of ‘President’s Day’… Read more →